Delving beyond symptoms and identifying the underlying causes holding you back from feeling your best.

Every mind, body and spirit is unique. That’s why it’s impossible to achieve complete wellness using a standardised approach for all.

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I integrate the best of 7 different disciplines and their powerful ways to rebalance and transform the body into one. These are: Ayurvedic Medicine, Bioregulatory Medicine, Chinese Medicine & Herbalism, Eastern Philosophy, Traditional Naturopathy, Orthomolecular Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

My integrated approach. Delivered in person or from the comfort of your home.

Partnering together to identify and correct the source of your symptoms, we start by looking at the whole picture of your health (body, mind and spirit). Before we first meet, you will fill out an intake form, preparing both of us to understand how your state of health has been, how it is now, and how it could be.

This understanding is solidified through comprehensive Functional Medicine Lab Testing* specific to your complaints, which will be recommended to you in our initial consultation. These labs examine your body’s levels of fungi, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, artificial chemicals, food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and parasites. The results uncover and help us correct the exact root imbalances and dysfunctions holding you back from feeling your best. While labs are not mandatory, they are recommended as we cannot argue with your body’s own data!

Once we have identified the imbalances, you will receive a bio-individualized protocol for how to thrive and bring your health back into equilibrium. This will include personalised nutrition, stress management, and movement recommendations, alongside functional medicine grade botanicals to support your own “internal alchemy” – your body’s natural capacity for healing and rebalancing.

Initial consultations are 75 to 90 minutes to allow for a thorough assessment. Follow up sessions may be 30 or 60 minutes depending on your needs. We can either meet in person or connect via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

What kind of health complaints can I help you address?

Here are reasons clients seek out solutions and consultations with me for:

Emotional Health

  • Chronic stress
  • Fatigue and burnout
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Trauma support and recovery
  • Substance dependency support and recovery
  • Disordered eating
  • Insomnia / Sleep difficulties 
  • Migraines and headaches 

Physical Health

  • Digestive complaints / Abdominal bloating and discomfort
  • Detoxification
  • Acid Reflux
  • Food sensitivities 
  • Sexual Health
  • Acne and skin rashes
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Healthy ageing
  • Thyroid concerns 
  • Prevention
  • Body transformation and weight management

Womens Health

  • Irregular and painful menstrual cycles
  • Premenstrual symptoms
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Endometriosis
  • Menopause support
  • Fertility

*Please note, at-home functional medicine lab tests will be purchased separately and sent directly to your home.

*Please also note, I do not diagnose, cure, or treat any disease. Only medical doctors can provide medical based advice. My job is to help you identify and resolve the underlying root cause imbalances and toxicities of your body.

Explore your unique body and mind.

Embrace your intuition and logic.

Integrate the best of ancient medicine with modern practices.

Experience the benefits of spirituality and science.

Get Started

Book a Discovery Call with Rachel ($10/30mins)

  • Learn more about Integrative Health and Rachel
  • This small fee is to respect and value our time and energy exchange, and is deductible from a package bought within 1 week of discovery call

Work one-on-one with Rachel as your Integrative Health Practitioner

  • 75-90 Minute Initial Consultation for New Clients – $180
    • This is the place to start if you have never had a health consultation with Rachel before. We’ll delve deep into your health history, explore your body’s imbalances and toxicities, and uncover ways you can bring yourself back into balance and start feeling better today. I recommend 1 – 2 further consultations within the first 3 months of working together, and another 1 – 2 check-ins per year.
  • 60 Minute Follow Up Consultation for Existing Clients – $120
    • The 60 minute consultation is perfect if you are looking for extra support with your protocol, or are looking to address new issues.
  • 30 Minute for Existing Clients – $60
    • If you need a quick check in to ask follow up questions from a previous consultation, this is a cost-effective way to track progress, get clarity, or talk through ways to better integrate previous changes you have made.
  • 3 Hour Complete Package – $380
    • This is the best way to welcome health into your life at a reduced cost from buying single consultations.
    • If you’re a new client, the package starts with a 75-90 minute initial consultation and up to three follow up sessions. I recommend you use this package over a 3 month period, so as to get plenty of support and guidance as you work through the health protocol provided to you.
    • Existing clients can break up the three hours of consultations based on individual needs.
    • The package must be used within one year of purchase.

Please note: If more than a year has passed since your last consultation, book a 60-minute follow-up appointment to ensure we have enough time to look at the holistic picture of your life.

Option 3: Pay as you wish consultations

  • Rachel offers a pay-as-you-wish sliding scale to people who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of a full consultation. For further information on this, please email Rachel

Still unsure of your state of health?

The following toxicity quiz will allow you to self assess which areas of your health you seem to be doing the best and what areas need some work. This will give you a better understanding of the areas where you have underlying imbalances that must be corrected.

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