Passionate about health.
Compassionate about people.

Rachel is an Integrative Health Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, and HIIT Pilates Teacher.

I am here to help you restore homeostasis in your body and thrive in your health and fitness.

In my private clinic, I help clients identify and rebalance the root cause of their chronic or recurring symptoms rather than focusing only on the symptoms themselves. For example, instead of giving clients a tablet for acne, we will look at what is causing their acne in the first place then work from there. The same approach applies to anxiety, fatigue, headaches, menstrual difficulties, seasonal irritations, and so on.

For those who want support in their mobility and fitness, I offer a range of high and low-intensity movement practices. My approach minimizes impact on the body with proper awareness of muscle and joint function. We can work out the best program for you, depending on your unique goals, needs, and capabilities.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you in any way I can to living a life full of happiness, health, and vitality.

I warmly welcome you into my space and am very much looking forward to getting to know each other!
I am a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Yoga instructor and HIIT Pilates Teacher. While originally from Australia, I’m based in Paris and blessed to be working both online and in-person with clients seeking support in their health and fitness.

My initial interest in the health space stemmed from realising that my body and mind were out of balance. Anxiety, disordered eating patterns, acne, eye-floaters, skin puffiness, irregular menstruation, painful intercourse, and constipation were a growing list of symptoms I was trying to manage in my day to day life. Even during really low days, I innately knew I didn’t want to struggle with my health for the rest of my life. There had to be another way!

In 2015 I was introduced to Functional Medicine. Via in-depth laboratory testing, the practitioner I worked with uncovered and explained the “chain reaction” occurring in my body – from the root cause to the symptoms I was experiencing. With their support, I began rebalancing my body by removing toxicities and replenishing deficiencies. Today, my body feels positively and starkly different to what it was.

Guided by gratitude for the support I received, I resolved to pay it forward. I enrolled in the College of Integrative Heath in Boston in 2018 and started my practice in 2020. As a practitioner, I integrate Functional Medicine, Ayurveda, Bioregulatory Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Herbalism, Traditional Naturopathy, and Orthomolecular Medicine, to provide a tailored protocol to each client, designed to enhance every aspect of their life.

Movement is a key pillar in my own health, and I integrate it into the protocols I provide to my private wellness clients. I encourage both dedicated and incidental physical activity to support overall wellbeing and keep us doing what we love, inspired and pain-free!

I did my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2009, and since then, have taught more than 5,000 hours of group and one-on-one classes. In 2020, I completed additional teaching certifications in Yin Yoga and HIIT Pilates. Combined with Integrative Health solutions and practices, movement sessions further support my private wellness clients to achieve their mobility and fitness goals.

My Pilates and Yoga classes are also available as a stand-alone service separate from Integrative Health Clinic. Students may sign up for the general group classes, private one-on-one, or private group classes.

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